Product Care and Warranty

Warranty Information

Our products come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty will only be honored if care instructions are followed. Any damage occurring to the product due to improper care of the product will nullify the warranty. The cause of the damage is at the discretion of Montana Block LLC. If the damage is deemed a manufacturing defect, we will replace the product at no charge. If the cause of the damage is due to improper care of the product, we will make our best efforts to repair the product for a small fee and shipping must be paid by the customer. The repair fee depends on the extent of the damage, generally ranging from $30 to $50.

Product Care

Our products are built to last and are made to be durable while aesthetically pleasing. All of our wares are seasoned with a beeswax/mineral oil mixture. Your product should be conditioned and cleaned per the instructions below to get the most life out of your product.


Although your product comes pre-seasoned, an additional application of mineral oil or a beeswax/mineral oil mixture is advised before your first use and once every month after. We also advise conditioning before serving or cutting liquid producing foods to help prevent the liquid from absorbing into the wood. We advise against using olive oil, or other fatty oils, as these can go rancid over time.



Use a butcher block conditioner or mineral oil such as Bumblechutes to condition your board. This keeps a protective layer to prevent bacteria and liquid from absorbing into your board and keeps it looking brand new.


Use olive oil or other fatty oils on your wood products as these will go rancid over time.

Raised Grain

When wood is exposed to liquids, it can cause the grain to raise and feel "fuzzy". This is a natural occurance, especially on boards that use an all natural finish. This is not a defect, simply the action of the liquid on the wood fibers.

To get your board looking and feeling new again, simply buff the affected area with some steel wool, or high grit sand paper. This takes only a minute. 



Sanitize your board by dampening a cloth or paper towel with a 50/50 water-vinegar solution and rub the entire board surface. Dry immediately and thoroughly. For a fresh scent, cut a lemon in half and rub on the board.


Use dish soap, Clorox, or other harsh chemicals. These chemicals remove the protective layer of the board and make the wood more susceptible to bacteria growth. Bleach or baking soda will actually change the color of your product.



Leave your board under running water. The glue used to make the product is water soluble. Also, different wood species absorb water and dry at different rates. Large amounts of liquid will put too much stress on the joints, causing them to crack.


  • Products with rubber feet allow proper air flow around the product to keep the product dry and can be left out at all times.

  • Products without rubber feet should be placed on a dry surface. Any dampness under the product can cause added stress to the bottom of the glue joints, potentially causing cracking.

  • Avoid direct sunlight for prolonged period of time. UV exposure dries out the wood and can cause added stress to the joints.

Food Safety

  • It is safe to cut raw meats on our butcher boards. Wood is actually a more sanitary surface than plastic, since wood contains compounds that are know to inhibit the growth of bacteria. To prevent food-born illnesses, sanitize your board after cutting raw meat, using the 50/50 water-vinegar solution as described in the cleaning section of these care instructions.

  • Onions and garlic may leave behind a waxy film and odor. The vinegar-water solution will eliminate the odor. For stubborn odors, you can also cut a lemon in half and rub the board down with the lemon for a refreshing scent! You could also mix in lemon essential oils with your mineral oil.

  • Avoid using serrated knifes on wood. These act as a saw and cut deep grooves into the surface of the wood.